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Professional Dog & Puppy Trainer in Lakeway, TX


Professional Dog & Puppy Trainer

A Pack Nation is a Professional In-Home Dog Training service. Our function is to bridge the gap from where you currently are with your dog to where you want to be.

From the moment you begin communicating with A Pack Nation on your situation our care, customer service and professionals will be there for you and your dog. We believe every dog can lead a full and happy life with help and understanding.

If you are wondering how or what do I do to give your dog a fuller life? That’s where we come in. We begin by having a heart to heart conversation where we will ask you specific questions on where you are in the process and where you want to be?

Because we understand how dogs think, we can share with you so you and your family members (of all ages) how to understand as well. Together we will build that customized training plan toward a solution for you, your family and pack.

Peter has been certified by multiple internationally recognized trainers as a Certified Training & Behavior Specialist. He also continues his canine education as new training techniques are developed and discussed within the Professional Dog Training community.

His training and knowledge include dog psychology, obedience, and a full spectrum of training methodologies and behavior modification techniques. As well as canine sport work, such as, agility, scenting, and search & rescue.

Training and instructing canines is an art, his goal is to provide custom personalized training that promotes a stronger relationship between you and your dog.


Dog Training in Lakeway TX

I love what I do!  Every day I get to help people and dogs learn from and how to improve their relationship with each other.  I’m a student of both human nature and dog behavior.

First and foremost I consider myself a family man, then an instructor, which means that my goal is to teach/instruct/enable you on how to be successful with your dog, your pack.

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