Heartwarming stories about Dogs … Creating Your Own.

From an article in Mashable.com, “5 Heartwarming Stories That Prove Dog Is Man’s Best Friend.”  After reading, It struck a cord in my heart that began to tug at the heartstrings, ferklempt if you will, as I began to well-up.  And it is so true, a story unfolds with each of us if you open your heart to a dog and live with, for and beside one.  What, and let my dog be the boss?   Opening your heart merely means to open yourself to the possibilities beyond what you immediately see before you.  It is tough to imagine what kind of alternate possibilities are there since we are talking about a dog.  And most importantly it is something that you just have to do and experience. Speaking of experiencing, I did a workshop (Relationship Based Behavior Modification, RBBM)  led by Nelson Hodges, where that very thought of possibilities comes alive.  Thank you Nelson.



Whether you have one, two, three or more dogs, you notice that each of them has their on personalities and quirks in given situations.  And how they are when, alone with you, alone with you, without external influences, bonding.  It truly only takes moments to minutes to do.  Give your character (the dog) the gift of time with you.  This is how those heartwarming stories come to life.  In our household we have 3 dogs and 2 cats, and you can bet each one of them adds an edge of brilliance to our family life.  It may seem like work to you at first, so keep playing, participating, being like the dog.  If you must have a rule in this activity, make it, “be safe”.   They are not “just a dog” they are part of the story of your life.  So go create your story. If you need help, hire a professional with heart.   Have a great day out there.  WooF !

What type of dog to get

What type of dog to get

What Type of Dog do you think I should get? Oooh, that’s a good question. I love it when I see and hear people getting ready to bring a dog (companion) into their lives.  Now its time for you to ask yourselves a few questions: –       What is my lifestyle like?  (from couch potato to… Continue Reading

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