30 Seconds – Minutes for a Training Session

30 Seconds – Minutes for a Training Session

Have you ever asked yourself “How long is it gonna take to train my dog?”

That always depends on the end result your after.

Since all training begins at some point, start with 30 seconds.

In this amount of time you can focus on one item.  The exercise or trick could be anything.  Start by (you) being calm.  ( a point to remember ) The moment you get excited, so will be your dog and controlling an excited dog is a bit tricky.

Begin by asking your dog to do something they know how to do. (mark it)  Now begin the new exercise with the treat, Lure your dog to the position.  Once there, mark it with a clicker, or “Yes!” and treat.

Now if your dog is not getting the message, you should stop the exercise, ask your dog for something they know.  When they do it, mark it and give them the release, and play for a moment.  Then try the exercise again.  This way of training, your dog can start to build a new behavior in minutes.  Have several of these sessions throughout the day and before long your dog will get the message.   Your dog will have a new thing to do.

You begin by being calm.

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