Dog Treats, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.  Of the Holidays

Dog Treats, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Of the Holidays

We want our dogs to be happy, and for them to love us as their owners.   Often times we take the easiest route to get there.  Which would be to give them those special tasty treats.


It is rather easy to go to the store an purchase a bag to have on hand.  And then there’s the giving friends and family that know we love our dogs and bring them the tasty treats.  You must be careful especially around the holidays with the unknown going into their delicate systems.  Many prepackaged specialty items being sold as Holiday themed treats may be harmful and treated with chemicals that may make your dog ill.


It is up to us as owners to watch what is going in to your dogs’ mouth.  There are well known brands, local pet stores, especially the neighborhood store that can guide you to a plethora of wonderful choices.  Personally for training, I use Zukes brand along with Bil-Jac. (Any small, soft treat will do.)  For general treating I use the baked treats (take a little longer, time-wise to eat) from the local neighborhood stores.  Get to know these store owners, they are invested into your dogs well being.   Before you just give your dog a treat ask them (the store staff) for their recommendations.



Mr. Peter

Owner/Trainer at A Pack Nation Dog Training


Here are 3 Links that will get you to a Pet Food Recall List:


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