Going On Holiday!  What About Rover?!

Going On Holiday! What About Rover?!


The question always comes up, what about the dog? Can we take Rover?


Sometimes you just want to get away, just you and your loved one (the significant other human). So that means, Boarding Rover, or even do a Board & Train.


I’m certain that if you choose Boarding, Rover will get fed & walked, even perhaps a little more interaction. But….what if you Board & Train Rover, this will also include the feeding, walking and concentrated training in various areas of choice. Like what for example? Fine tuning Manners, adding commands and instructions such as place, wait, recall/come, even working on social skills.  Often there is that one thing that Rover does that drives you nuts.


One of my favorite activities to engage with dogs is working on a new behavior.  This could include doing less of an old behavior and or adding a new behavior.  Like learning a trick for example, such as, spin left, spin right, back-up, bow, speak and many others. It is my experience that the training aspect of Board & Train builds confidence in Rover. So much so that Rover now is more likely to be seen smiling, it could happen.

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