Halloween And Your Dog, For Fun and For Safety.

Halloween And Your Dog, For Fun and For Safety.

With Halloween around the corner.


Most people love chocolate and not just a little bit.  When I see those familiar names of delicious decadence, its easy to imagine myself enjoying one or two.

Now your dog may not know it by name, yet will be able to identify it long before you know its there.  Chocolate and Candy are NOT Dog Friendly.  (more on that by clicking on the sentence)

Decorating efforts may be underway and changing the landscape of the house to reflect this celebrated time of spooky ooky.  Your dogs may be a little on edge with the frightening figures making their way to their position in your plan.  So be mindful and careful not to intentionally try to scare your dogs.   You may truly scare them without knowing it till later.   And then calling me and saying “I don’t know what happened!”

So be Careful/Mindful of:

  1. Decorations that may be considered eatable or “I can chew on this.”
  2. Putting a costume on, have several dry runs and practice sessions with it.
  3.  Trick or Treater’s, the joy of the season coming to your door, knock knock or ding dong can set your dog into the security dog.  Put your dog/s in another room with a lasting treat.  Or the dreadful bolt of lighting could flash before you and out the door.
  4. If you do go for a walk that night, take your short leash, 4’r.  Have your training lessons at the ready with treats to encourage their attention.
  5. You must walk with your Radar On, anticipating that anything can happen at any moment.
  6. Then when tomorrow comes (the day after), you go for a walk and more than usual your dog has got the nose to the ground.  Isn’t that cute.  Watch out for hidden treasures. (the candy)
  7. Watch your dog for: Fear, Tail Tucked, Showing of Teeth, Shaking or Shivering, Not Wanting To Walk or Go With You.
  8. Commands to use:  Sit, Come, Their Name, Leave-It,
  9. And lastly, Please Praise and Treat your dog often.

May the weather be in your favor for a great evening.

Happy Halloween

Mr. Peter of A Pack Nation Dog Training.

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