Ring… Ring…

Ring… Ring…  (your phone is ringing) The Caller ID says “Animal Shelter”, pick up the phone!

Our area shelters are incredible for so many reasons, might I count the ways…

  1. For when an owner can no longer support the dog or animal.
  2. For smiling in the face of oncoming chaos.
  3. For having a voice when those that cannot.
  4. For being that bridge to a forever home.
  5. For the volunteers that take time out of their day to help someone’s companion prepare for their forever home.
  6. For the people that also send financial support and needed items.
  7. For educating those that only had an idea of what all goes on behind the scenes.
  8. For teaching and inspiring the children on their field trip to the shelter.
  9. For finding a way to help the dogs, cats and other animals live another day.

10. For changing someone’s life.


Austin Rescue – Link to area shelters…. Listing local Central Texas & Austin area rescue groups.

PetFinder – Searchable Criteria Features.

Start visiting them and look at the selection, as it will change through out the week.

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