Summer is Upon Us, Get Your Fun Groove On with Your Dog.

Summer is Upon Us, Get Your Fun Groove On with Your Dog.

Dog day afternoon in the sun.


Here we go again now that the winter has passed and summer is on approach.  For you it could be time to get out the shorts.  For your dog it could mean more opportunities to go out with you and have some fun.

Before you do, please remember to have these few items in mind.

  1. Water,  will there be some or should I be prepared and take some fresh water with us?.
  2. Vehicle, turn on the AC to take the burn out of the hot car.
  3. Either Crate or Click (buckle) them in for safety.  It will keep them calmer.
  4. Is there Shade?  Good, because the alternative means Hot, Dry and Ouch for their paws. You may need to have a set of Booties for their Paws.

Now that you have arrived at your destination, have fun.  Keep the activity on a short time frame because they need time to cool down.  Such as, wetting their chest, their paws and having water available to drink.  If you notice that your dog looks exhausted, they may not drink until they are rested.

And since insects are out and about, be prepared carry a tick remover.  Those sticky weeds that have burrs n spurs always seem to find their way on to the paws and coats of our loved ones.  Get them out early before any damage happens.

Being in a crowded area like a festival or a park can be taxing physically & mentally because of, Noises, Strangers and Uncertainty.   Be watchful with your pet.   Keep the experience good and end it before it exhausts your dog so it will leave them wanting more again later.

Lets go have some fun with our dogs.


I’m Mr. Peter Corpus,

Certified Canine Training & Behavior Specialist

A Pack Nation Dog Training

In Home Training, Where It Matters.



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