Thinking of getting a puppy or a dog?

I’m thinking of getting a Puppy or a Dog.  How can I prepare? You may have had a conversation with yourself that went something like this.

“ I might like to get a dog. Oh boy, Hmmm. What kind? Do I want a puppy? I can go to the shelter and look. Should I go on Craigslist? I’m going to have to get stuff! And what about training?  Can I do it? Potty training, oh my, maybe I should read up on it.  Yes, I’ll find everything I need on the web.  Ok, I’m going to get a dog”

When considering a new dog here are a few more questions/suggestions, to help you prepare:

–       Besides what type of dog might interest you, are you prepared to adjust your schedule to include the new addition?

–       Who is going to help take care of the dog?  If it is just you, well there ya have it!

–       If there is a spouse or significant other then its time to communicate clearly on what you both expect from each other.  If you have children, what will their role be with the new pack member?

–       If this is about the children wanting a dog, then setting expectations would be in order.  Be sure to write or list everything from A to Z.  (This exercise is by no means binding, it merely paints a picture of what is to come.)  And also know that as a parent, every detail of the list falls to you.  (joyful, joyful)

Once you begin the process of putting it all down on paper you will see how much you are taking on – done properly it’s well worth the effort.

Lets go down this preliminary list of what you’re going to need for your new arrival:

–       Water and Food bowls. Food Storage Container. Measuring cup- and yes, food!

–       Chew bones, Nylabone, Kong, like products.

–       Crate, sized appropriately, (very important).

–       Leash, Collar, Long line (Cute is not always practical, but it is cute.).

–       Poop bags for the walk. (Do the right thing).

–       Treats

–       A local Vet

–       Time from your schedule to bond & train.

Optional items for your consideration should be:

–       Coach/Trainer

–       Pet Insurance

–       Panel or Gates to separate areas

–       Interactive Toys or Board games

–       Clicker for training

–       Hanging Bell for the door

–       Travel supplies for the car

–       Boarding facility

–       Friends with a friendly dog to have play dates.

Great, now its time to consider what breed or type of a dog you would like to get.
(links to assist you on your journey)


Austin Area Rescue Groups

AKC Site to see a listing of breeds

of A Pack Nation Dog Training

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