When it’s HOT Outside… Pet Fun and Safety

When it’s HOT Outside… Pet Fun and Safety

The summer season can be regretful because of a bad decision or fun because you are doing the right things. Have you noticed that if you’re awake, your dog always wants to be with you? Get out there and have an adventure. Go for a drive, visit your vet’s office, dog-friendly business, restaurants and cafes.  And if you see someone walking their dog, ask if you can all walk together.

For Fun:
1. Keep an area in the shade watered/moist or place a small pool filled to a shallow depth.
2. In a plastic container of water, freeze some cut pieces of Carrot, Watermelon, Apple and regular treat pieces. Set it out in their water bowl.
3. Also using a Kong to freeze the treat in, as in Peanut Butter, yum.
4. If your dog loves playing with the water from the hose, that is a great time to also include some training time. Put your dog in a Place/Stay/Blieb, then water some plants, then give your dog the release word so they can play in the water while you water the lawn. And move around so you don’t create a muddy spot. Then instruct your dog to “Leave It, and put in a Place/Stay/Blieb” and repeat…
5. Chop some Fruits and Vegetables (frozen or cold), place in shaded areas of yard for them to seek out.

For Safety:
1. Walk your dog in the early or late parts of the day. Thus avoiding the HOT Pavement. An adventure out in the world helps them relax later. As a reminder, if you can place your hand comfortably on the pavement, so can your dog. And you can always use Booties for their paws. Please always check. And if unavoidable, move fast to get to the shade.
2. Carry a small cup/bowl and a spray bottle filled with water. Remove the spray cap and pour them some water to drink, then reattach the spray cap to spritz their paws and underbelly for a nice cool down.
3. Would you leave your dog in the shed on a hot day? Hopefully you said no. That especially goes for the car. Windows with a gap, Do Not Help. AC left on, you’re still taking a chance. Just don’t do it. Get the dog out of the car. And being in the back of a truck is standing on hot metal.
4. Shelter from the Sun, which means Shade and a place to cool down.
5. Fresh Water kept in a shaded area.
6. Place some wet towels down for a cool spot for them to lay on.

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