Where and How do I Get Started with Training?

Where and How do I Get Started with Training?

Every once n a while, you get lucky and get a dog that just never really needed any training.  They seem to be very content with being calm whenever they are with you.  They seem to know how to walk with you as you stroll or run the streets.  They seem to wait for their turn to be petted and fed or even played with.


And then there is the dog that seems to be the most independent thinking animal you have ever run across.


So lets get started.  Where We begin is right here and right now if you can.  Because sooner is always better than later.  How is with keeping in mind the 3 major items of what a dog needs in order for them to learn.

  1. Timing,  When your dog does the right thing,  (BAM!) Praise them for it.  When they do the wrong thing and you caught it just as its happening,  Give a Correction,  followed by Redirection, Instruction and Praise if accomplished.
  2. Consistency,  This is when you and the rest of the family are operating on the same page of instruction.  That goes to How you ask for something, to What you allow your dog to do.
  3. Motivation,  Find what your dog is interested in.  Suggestions are, Treats, Toys, Affection, etc.  This is the reward that you give to your dog for accomplishing the instruction.


Now, here is what you are to bring, the patience, your full attention, time to train and love.  This is a recipe for success.

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