Dog Training Austin TX

My dog is fine, BUT! I know someone who could benefit from your service. Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we do and you may contact the office directly for purchase.

How soon can I start training?

Training can actually begin before you even have your dog in hand. We can work with you and your family in understanding the needs of your new canine. As well as help gauge you in the energy level of any new dog you are considering for your home.

At what age is it good to start the dog/puppy on training lessons?

From the moment the dog is born, learning begins. If you get your dog at 8 weeks, the puppy starts to learn your ways at that moment. It is up to you to start teaching your dog the manner in which you would like for him/her to behave.

My dog is almost 2 years old and still acts like a puppy, what should I do?

This is another great time to evaluate what you want or expect from your dog. It is never to late to train a dog. With proper training and patience you can catch your dog up and move forward in a positive manner. Making your pack a much happier place to live!

Can you help my dog and I even if I’m not local to you?

Yes we can still be of service via phone consultations, Skype and video chat. I also will travel to you if needed.

I have 2 dogs that are well behaved, we have brought a new dog into the pack and things are going wrong in my pack, can you help?

Yes, we specialize in getting your pack to work together as one. Instilling some peace within your new situation.

Can I meet you at a location other than my house/apartment?

Yes, Dogs love to go out and explore, sometimes more than their humans. We can meet and train in parks, trails, cafes and all open areas. We make the training process work for you!

What training methods do you use? I’m not looking for someone to dominate my dog or my family into anything.

My methods are current with the Science of Animal Behavior. Simply discourage the behavior you dislike and reward the behavior you want. I will discuss with you any application before I apply it. As well as give you options on training when available.

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