It was your training

It was your training

Peter, Thank you so much for the in home training. With the tools you provided us, Bowie has grown up to be a perfect pooch! It was your training that turned Bowie into who he is today. I think it really shows in the pictures. Hope all is well with A Pack Nation. Best of… Continue Reading

Remarkable progress

Remarkable progress

We have seen remarkable progress with our puppy Tanya who started training with A Pack Nation at 9 weeks of age. We never knew you could start at such and early age until a friend told us about her experience working with Peter. She is going to be a great dog! Nikki, Austin Texas Continue Reading

Fitting into my family

Fitting into my family

Thanks for all of your help in training Nick, he is fitting into my family very well. My children love him. My wife who was not crazy about the idea of having a dog but she now is really enjoying him and thinks he is a great addition as well. We look forward to calling… Continue Reading

Super dominant puppy

Super dominant puppy

Thanks for helping turn our out of control, super dominant puppy into a wonderful obedient dog. Without your help she would rule our household. Instead she is manageable, and a joy to take with us anywhere we go. We love to show Angie off! Ginger, Pflugerville Texas Continue Reading

He now listens and obeys

He now listens and obeys

We must admit we were skeptical when you said Houston should obey and listen off leash as well as on a leash. You were right, we can take him to any environment and he now listens and obeys. We love being at the park and he will stay even while other dogs are running all… Continue Reading

Peter was amazing!

We called A Pack Nation after reviewing sites on-line; Peter came over and was AMAZING! Our new dog was having problems figuring out how not to jump on everyone when they walked into our home and he was excited. Our dog took to Peter immediately, when the jumping began he was able to teach us… Continue Reading

Nanny is coming along

We rescued a Pit Bull, Nanny from our local shelter and knew right away she would need some good training. When I called and spoke with Peter he took the time to really hear my concerns and what I wanted for Nanny. We started puppy training and socialization. Nanny is coming along and we plan… Continue Reading

Sam had so many issues

Little did I know that my Pug (Sam) had so many issues (traumatized) when I adopted him last July from our local Shelter. He had extreme anxiety and aggressive behaviors when left alone, even for a very short time. Clawing, barking, scratching at doors and cabinets. We had tried another trainer but my dog and… Continue Reading

Dimpsy going nuts

Thank you Peter, You came into the house with Dimpsy going nuts and just barking away. Minutes later you had Dimpsy calm and settled down. We were surprised. We really appreciated the way you kept having us work on the important aspects of training. I did not realize how much of this is actually on… Continue Reading

Something beautiful

If you have not had an opportunity to observe Peter Corpus working with Happy, you’re missing something beautiful. Peter worked with Happy yesterday thus she was a dream when we walked her last night. I watched him putting Happy through the paces. It was still relatively pleasant but by the time Peter finished with Happy… Continue Reading

Calm during fireworks!

Peter This last 4th of July really spooked our Maddy. We were not sure why as she had no issues with 2 other 4th of July celebrations and New Years too. We appreciate you working on the other items that all seemed to have something to do with it also. She made it through with… Continue Reading

Mixing cats and dogs

Peter, Thank you, You know how much I love my cats. And now I have Tyler, (our adorable Shepherd/Ridgeback) to add to this great mix. I just thought I could let them get to know each other and get along. That did not work out so well. Fortunately I did not wait long to call… Continue Reading

Angel settles down

Mr. Peter As you know, we have had dogs before and all of which have been a joy to have. Since we got Angel 7 months ago we were hoping that he would get acclimated to his new surroundings and settle down. Well that had not happen until you showed up and taught us all… Continue Reading

The Clicker works!

Peter: I was just happy to get a dog until I realized after a few days how little I actually know about how to take care of them. Even my friends were going “Good luck”. Thank you for getting me started on the list of habits early. It has really helped me get my thoughts… Continue Reading

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